His powerful personal story (including full-scale mania, suicidal chapters and his full journey of recovery).

How he successfully manages life with Bipolar Disorder and how Bipolar ‘can’ in fact be a blessing.

Why he’s so committed to his cause & his mission.

How you (by booking Dan as a speaker) are playing your part to create the world he believes in.

How you (by booking Dan as a speaker) are the early adopters, by truly investing in the health of your workforce just as much as their safety.

How we’re all suffering with something.

Why we’re all on this mental adventure together.

Why each of us owe it to ourselves to invest in regular reflective talking practices, including therapy, counselling and life-coaching.

Why taking the time to slow down, to listen to our hearts & uncover our own personal ‘why’ is game-changing for our mental-wellbeing.

Why ‘starting at the end’ is a fast-track towards changing our current mental state.

Why practicing minimalism helped save his life.

Why your workplace mental-wellbeing programme is to be celebrated.

How your organisation can show the rest of your industry how it’s done.

Why his solo running adventure from Rome to London was so much more than just a running adventure.

Dan is actively taking bookings for 2019, 2020 and 2021.

And remember, with Dan, you’re not just booking one of the UK’s leading professional mental health speakers, you’re supporting a collaborative movement to empower the UK to speak up when we’re suffering so that together we can show future generations how it’s done.